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Digital Solutions Can Revolutionize Your Business

We've helped a number of organizations grow and thrive by helping them identify their unique business needs and developing digital solutions to meet those needs. That's our favorite part of this digital world -- thinking outside the box and using digital power to do amazing things.

What exactly is a digital solution?

A digital solution is simply using the power of computing to address a business need. We help our clients think beyond their existing business processes and "the way things are" so they can take their businesses to "the way things should be."

Custom digital products and Web Applications

We love creating custom applications. A custom application can address your specific business needs and put you far ahead of your competition because it is created just for you. Let's face it -- computers are smart. And they can do a lot of work for us. Here are few examples of digital products we've helped create, just to get your idea-incubator warmed up:  

  • Timekeeper, a custom time-tracking and billing application that tracks billable hours and expenses across a statewide organization. This application saves Invision Services, Inc thousands of dollars each year - if fact, they tell us they wouldn't be able to do business without it!

  • Project Oatmeal, a custom Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application designed to regularly feed qualified sales opportunities to the Cooper Kenworth trucks sales team. Because the application was web-based, managers could monitor activity across all of Cooper's 10 locations, tracking lead progress, sales opportunities and successes. We created custom metrics packages within the CRM so everyone could see exactly what was happening in real time. This web application paid for itself in less than a year.

  • A custom Learning Management System for delivery of continuing education to nurses and CNA's. This application allows course providers to create online courses and deliver learning content all over the world. Adminstrators can track their learner's progress, print CEC certificates, and much more!
  • An event registration system that allows administrators to create event and manage events like triathlons, bike races, marathons and more. This system allows users to register online, buy additional race products, and check their race results. This system produced nearly $1 million dollars per year in revenue and paid for itself within months of implementation.

  • A custom content management system that allows users to fully manage the content of their web site. Users report this system is easy to use and gives them power they've never even hoped for in growing their online presence.

  • Pipeline, a custom mini-app that allows users to create and track a "pipeline" of related events. Excellence in business comes in the form of consistent processes and follow-through, and Pipeline ensures no steps or events are missed.

  • The Study App, a mini-app built specifically for teachers and researchers, allows user to index articles, books, and online material so information can easily be retrieved later.

  • custom talent management application that allows one of our clients to compete with the larger recruiting sites. Candidates can upload resumes and create job profiles that are then used to match candidates to potentials jobs and employers. Users have reported the interface on this application as the most intuitive and useful process they have encountered -- that's the power of developing your own digital solution. You can make it exactly what it needs to be.