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Cooper Trucks

Project: Web Site Redesign(s) and Custom Web Applications

When Cooper Trucks approached us back in 2005, they were ready to move from a static "brochure-ware" site to a web site they could actually use. We whipped up a super-cool site (with lots of Flash, because that was very cool at the time. Very cool).

And thus began a beautiful relationship with our favorite trucking folks.

With that initial web site redesign in 2005, we've embarked on a number of awesome projects with Cooper Trucks, including:

  • Two redesign projects
  • Conversion to our custom content management system, allowing them to completely manage their own site content
  • Site integration with their internal inventory system to display their truck inventory online and to play nicely with TruckPaper
  • Employee and HR portals to allow the human resources gurus to share important documents and information
  • Secure online employment listings and applications
  • And our favorite, "Project Oatmeal" --- a custom built-from-scratch Customer Relationship Managment (CRM) system

Project Oatmeal

Cooper Trucks Vice President of Marketing Alex Sykes dreamed up Project Oatmeal winging his way back from one of those conferences that gets marketing people all fired up. Alex had tried other CRM systems, and none of them seemed to fit his exact needs.

So Alex called us and we put our heads together to create Project Oatmeal, a custom CRM that actually fed daily leads to the sales team and allowed Cooper managers to track customer and sales team activity all across the state.

Since that time, Cooper has grown to 10 locations and has recently been acquired by trucking juggernaut MHC. We're pretty sure all that success is due to a great web presence and a great custom CRM application...well, at least some of it.

By the way, you've seen Cooper's trucks and hats in the popular Discovery Channel TV show Swamp Loggers. That's right ... we hang out with famous people. Or, maybe we just hang out with people who hang out with famous people. Either way, it's pretty darn cool.

What we delivered

  • Site Strategy and Architecture Planning
  • Custom Website Design
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Web Stats Integration
  • Page Coding
  • Custom Online Forms
  • Custom Database Integration
  • Content Management System Site Integration
  • Custom Web Application and Programming
  • Database Architecture
  • Web Hosting
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